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Festival of August 15th

This day which is celebrated all over Greece since it is dedicated to honour St. Mary, could not pass without a celebration at Mesta, where people grasp every occasion for dancing. If someone wants to attend the feast he should book a table in advance. The whole event is unforgettable for those who have seen it.

The fishermen's feast

It takes place on the August 17th in Limenas and it lasts for the whole day. The start of the fishing competition is made very early in the morning (at about 6 o'clock). The boats set out and return at 11 a.m. in order to give their fish for weighing. The scaling begins immediately with drinking and singing. Many fish are put in big cauldrons so as cacavia to be cooked. (Cacavia is a special kind of soup made of boiled fish). The fishing record is 140 kilos. In the evening the established fishermen's dance takes place in a tavern of Limenas. There, after cacavia is served, the winners of the competition will be awarded a prize. The participation in the morning competition is the easiest and commonest way for one to book a table for the evening dance.

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