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Festival of August 15th

This day which is celebrated all over Greece since it is dedicated to honour St. Mary, could not pass without a celebration at Mesta, where people grasp every occasion for dancing. If someone wants to attend the feast he should book a table in advance. The whole event is unforgettable for those who have seen it.

Suma Festive

The celebration of Suma, (local product, alcoholic drink made of figs) is an example of their tradition and customs. Its important to mention the collective work, and volunteering. From the morning the whole village is prepairing for the feast. To set the barbecues, transfer the figs to the Square to build Ambuka, to make Souma and give it to consumption. Almost under the cover of Taxiarhis, the rest of the village is working.

In the afternoon they set the tables in the square so that visitors from all over the island, dance, eat and drink until morning.

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