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Festival of August 15th

This day which is celebrated all over Greece since it is dedicated to honour St. Mary, could not pass without a celebration at Mesta, where people grasp every occasion for dancing. If someone wants to attend the feast he should book a table in advance. The whole event is unforgettable for those who have seen it.

Easter in Mesta


Mesta is the ideal place for a pleasant holiday all year round. And every time the visitor has to see and enjoy something new. It is also worth visiting Mesta on Easter, visitors comes to worship, listen to the sequences, decorate the epitaph, celebrate the Resurrection at the Taxiarches Church, see the burning of Judas and enjoy the customs of the village. And as the stay at Mesta was marked in a large touristic exhibition, "you will feel like a native in no time" On Good Friday, there were hanging candles that filled the scene with the devotion of the day. Τhis time Mesta is a unique setting to experience unique moments.

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